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Commercial cleaning in Bristol can range from basic daily tasks to more exhaustive, one-off jobs. It may be that you want to someone to come in daily or weekly to fulfil your office cleaning needs, or perhaps your factory or school needs an annual in-depth spring clean.



We feel a professional cleaning company should tailor their brief to you and we understand the varied requirements when working with a school, hotel, sports club or shop. Primary jobs might be washing and polishing floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping down surfaces, sanitizing bathrooms and getting rid of rubbish, but the windows also need washing or perhaps even the interior and/or exterior walls.

There are then more specialised areas, where it will depend on what is required for your particular business. For example, those running restaurants or premises with canteens may want commercial cleaners that offer deep cleans for kitchens, whereas factories will want a company that has specialist equipment for cleaning machinery and staff trained in how to use it. Contact us to discuss your needs. We are confident we can help.

It goes without saying that food hygiene and a spotless kitchen is essential for restaurants, but what about the mirrors, doors, light fittings or even the skirting boards? To give the customer an overall impression of a clean and pleasant environment everything in the venue needs to be sparkling. As a commercial cleaning service we offer more than just a vacuum and a quick dust. 

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Sports clubs, gyms and leisure centres are often home to reception areas, changing rooms, Jacuzzis and saunas, and sports equipment. We know that each facility needs to be approached differently and germicidal products should be used. Nurseries, schools and universities also have a range of areas with different needs, and we understand that it is not only important that staff working in these institutions have had a recent CRB check but also that the products used are child-friendly and yet kill harmful bacteria.

For shopkeepers we also offer a service tailored to shop floors, which can require more maintenance and up-keep because of the heavy flow of foot traffic. This could be a spray burnish, a strip back and re-seal, or a shine coating for vinyl floors.

Whatever your needs for commercial cleaning services in Bristol we are the company that can meet them. Call us today on 07803 540 330 to get a free no obligation quote.