Office Cleaners Bristol

Do you find it hard to tell if the cleaners have been? Is that sweet wrapper next to the bin still there weeks later? Then it’s time to find out the about the benefits of employing a professional cleaning company.

Whether you need your Bristol office cleaned daily, weekly or just as a one-off, we can accommodate your every need. We start by offering a deep clean to set the standard we will adhere to. We can then arrange a regular time for our team to come in, including late night or early morning services to avoid disruption.

Cleaning an office isn’t just about vacuuming floors and wiping down desks. Bathrooms need to be sanitised and re-stocked, carpets, floors and upholstery need occasional sterilisation, and the windows need to be washed. For this we use the latest steam and pumped pure water technology. There’s no need for ladders; feet remain firmly on the ground and the hard-to-reach spots still sparkle.

What about computer keyboards? We’ve all heard how dirty these can be. You want to ensure your office cleaner takes this on-board and sanitizes these areas too. We use products designed just for this purpose, killing germs and dissolving grease. This doesn’t need to be part of your contract cleaning routine, we can make it a monthly or one-off service.

Office cleaning Bristol

As a responsible company, we will be happy to answer any of your questions about how environmentally friendly the methods and products we use are, the level of training our staff receive, their pay and working conditions, and the insurance cover that we, as a reputable commercial cleaning company, have.

We can cater to large multinationals corporations, small independent companies, and everything in-between. Just get in touch if with your requirements and we will provide a quote for the level and frequency of the work required. A clean, well-kept office makes a great first impression on clients and provides a healthier working environment for your employees.

Please see our cleaning services page to find the service that best suits you or, alternatively, get in touch on 07803 540 330 or email enquiries@officeclean-bristol.co.uk

  • a female cleaning contractor is polishing the glass partition offices whilst In the background a male colleague steam cleans an office carpet in a empty office in between tenants. .The female is smiling .